EIS 2022: The Elements of Life

FEB 21 | 6-9 PM



West Sixth Brewing (501 West 6th St.)

Guns, Germs, and Grasses: How Grass Cultivation Shapes Our World | Alayna Jacobs, UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Probing the Relationship Between Diet and Gut Health, One Turd at a Time | Kendall Corbin, UK Department of Horticulture

What You Can’t See…The Hidden Life of Soilborne Plant Pathogens | Nicole Gauthier, UK Department of Plant Pathology

Earthbending | Doug Terrill, Kentucky Mudworks

Hasn’t Everything Been Mapped? Measuring Space, Place, and Landscape on the Planet we Call Home | Rich Donohue, UK Department of Geography

FEB 22 | 6-9 PM


RockHouse Brewing (119 Luigart Ct.)

Hold Back the Water: Your Role in Sustainable Water Infrastructure | Diana Byrne, UK College of Engineering 

Gulag Springs: Sacred Waters in Western Siberia | Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, UK Department of Modern and Classical Languages

What Lies Beneath: the Secret Laboratory of Wastewater | Chris Delcher, UK College of Pharmacy

Water Action: Community-Based Research for Change | Loka Ashwood, UK Department of Sociology

A Personal View of Kentucky’s Drinking Water Evolution | Donna McNeil, Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute

Facts and Possibilities: Water on Other Worlds | Mark Pitts and Axel Quintanar-Pena, EKU Department of Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy

FEB 23 | 6-9 PM


Ethereal at Cornerstone (401 S. Limestone)

Love, Compassion, and Other Vices | David Kaufman, Transylvania University Department of Philosophy and Classics

The Epic Heart | Jackie Murray, UK Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literature, and Culture

Papyrology and Emotions | James Brusuelas, UK Departments of Modern and Classical Languages, Literature, and Culture and Computer Science

The Beatles, Blue-Footed Boobies, and Bygone Bio Imaging! | Vince Sorrell, Acting Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Healing Racial Trauma | Natalie Malone, Counseling Psychology

Am I at Risk? Adverse Childhood Events and Disease Development | Jacqueline Leachman, UK Departments of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences

FEB 24 | 6-9 PM


Old North Bar at Greyline Station (101 W. Loudon Ave.)

**special performances from Fire Miss Direction at 6pm and 7:30pm**

Burn Emergencies | Jaryd Zummer, UK Emergency Medicine

A Nobel Song of Ice, Fire, and Touch | A. Catalina Vélez-Ortega, UK Department of Physiology

The Doctor’s Prescription for the Landscape, Fire! | David Brown, EKU Department of Biology

Fire on the Mountain Under the Sea? | Haley Cabaniss, EKU Department of Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy

Fire, How it Works and Why You Care! | Brittany Brown, EKU Department of Fire Protection and Safety 

Spacecraft and Bourbon Barrels | Alexandre Marin, UK Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

FEB 25 | 6-9 PM


Pivot Brewing (1400 Delaware Ave)

Why do we Need Drones to Measure the Wind? | Sean Bailey, UK College of Engineering

Take my Breath Away: Using Breath Biomarkers for Lung Disease | Jamie Sturgill, UK Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics 

One Breeze at a Time – Evaluating the Equine Respiratory Tract in Motion | Katy Dern, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital

Run Like the Wind: Stories of Famous Thoroughbred Racehorses and Retirement | Michael Blowen, Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement

Music in the Wind | Joe McGillis, Jazz Musicia